Nov 092007
Yesterday it was the 101 to Wiang Sa then the 1026 to Na Noi, just before here the sky darkened and the fog came in and I thought oh no a 400 km ride in unpleasant conditions

Its a left at Na Noi and onto the lovely 1083, after a couple of km the fog cleared

Here I am above the clouds

What a great twisty and hilly road this is, its only let down by the amount of loose gravel, apart from that its a good surface

The dreaded roadworks, I am pleased to announce that this is the final section and its only for 1.5 km, they have already widened the road up to the junction with the 1123

At the junction I turn left and after about 300 metres I turn right onto the 1241

this is a pleasant road as well

I come to a T junction and a left has me now on the 1268, the temperature has really risen now that I am on the flatter ground

There is a section of about 10 km under repair and its very slow going on some of this section as the road is covered in deep loose gravel, this finishes at the turn off to Nam Pat, the 1239

I stop here for a break and a look around

I climb the wooden stairs and almost tread on this snake, I think its a smaller specimen of the one I saw last week in Nan, but this one is all green. It is in the path and I dont wish to step over it so i get a bamboo stick and gently touch it, the snake moves forward quickly

I very gently touch it a few more times to get these photos

As I climb into the hills it gets noticeably cooler

Its another section under repair, this time about 14 km

I take a left onto the 2195 which will take me all the way to Chiang Khan

At a crossroads I take a left to the village on the river, often you can walk across to Laos, but its a bit too deep at the moment

The Mekong flows back to form the Thai-Laos border

I didnt realise that rubber trees were in this part of the country, I thought they were more the south, although I have seen the plantations south of Buriram before. It was a pleasant trip of 435 km

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoy my blog, sorry to hear of your mishap along the 2195 though.
    Yes perhaps we will meet up some day, whereabouts do you reside in Thailand?



  2. Hi Colin
    I love your blog and this one was special to me because last year I use this route to ride from Nan to Chiang Khan. It was great memory for me. Thanks to your blog that take me to my ride that day again. I hope to ride there once again but no more route 2195 that broke my front shock 😛 . Hope you will bring us a new road :). Now I have to read all of your blog for next ride. Hope one day we will find on the same way. Good luck.

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