Mar 232011

The route 4020, 3026, 3126, 101, 4004, 3046,1091

Total distance 152 km

Out on the 4020 and a small lake with pedal boats

I thought as its the school holidays there would be kids out on these but the place was deserted

Its a pleasant scenic ride along here

I park up at this mans house to walk across the field to the confluence

Tobacco drying

I can just about see the river from here, when I walked through this field in early december this crop had only just been planted and I wondered what it was, I guess tobacco is the obvious answer

I reckon the water level is only about 0.5 metre or less lower than when I was here four months ago

The Nan river from further along the road

I ride to the 101 and head back towards Nan then take a left onto the 4004 to explore yet more new roads for me

This is a good find that loops back towards Nan

Part way along it I take a left onto the 3046. at a junction I turn left heading south and the asphalt turns to dirt at a village at N18.40.695 E100.34.231, I turn round to ride back and at N18.40.521 E100.33.155 there is a track to my left which will join the 4027 that I explored back in december as far up as N18.38.670 E100.34.176.
Its only a short distance between these two points and will be completed next trip

I ride back taking the other turn and this road really twists up into the hills

I am looking forward to riding here again next holiday.
At N18.45.143 E100.32.555 a dirt track goes off to the left and this will go to the 4002 that I rode down in december until the asphalt finished at N18.47.733 E100.32.411, another route to complete next trip

At N18.45.296 E100.32.776 the 3046 turns to unpaved for 300 metres until N18.45.266 E100.32.932.

This kind of unpaved is easy going

Its then paved again for a further 1.1 km until N18.45.469 E100.33.373 where I turn around and ride back

A small fire is burning on the way back

I rejoin the 4004 and just before reaching the 1091 I stop at Nong Na To

Half a kg of ribs, double fries and onions at Tonys Place tonight for 210 Baht
Get the gdb file here …

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