Dec 182010

The route 101, 3171, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1241, 1268, 1239, 1047

Total distance 379 km

After 18 nights in Nan it was time to move on, an 8am start on a cloudy cold morning but at least it wasnt raining

I take the 101 then the 3171 to Wiang Sa then its the 1026 to Na Noi before getting on the lovely 1083 where these pictures were taken after climbing to about 850 metres

The cloud is beautiful when it looks like this and not pouring the wet stuff on me

As usual I see more animals along this road than people or vehicles

The Nan river is brown, I guess from the recent rain

Theres a minibus full of Thai tourists up from Bangkok and they are enjoying the river

The 1083 sure is a lovely twisty road

This small stream has more water in it than usual

At the end of the 1083 I take a left onto the 1123 and at N18.17.459 E101.06.194 I ride towards the Lao border still on the 1123

The asphalt finishes after 7.9 km at N18.20.543 E101.08.301 and I ride another 100 metres to N18.20.618 E10108.301 before turning back

A nice roadslip here

Time to ride back and take a right to try out another side road off of the 1123

At N18.18.594 E101.06.028 I take a right onto an unnumbered road that is asphalt for 4.4 km until N18.20.410 E101.06.522, then it is dirt for another 300 metres to an army camp at N18.20.542 E101.06.510

A photo from the lovely twisty 1241

At N18.05.848 E101.07.368 I turn left at this sign to check it out

4.9 km later I arrive here at N18.06.212 E101.09.584 but no visas here

The border market which is apparently quite big on a saturday is now winding down

Now I am riding along the quiet 1268

Some work is going on at the entrance to this village

Perhaps they are going to hang somebody from it

I take a right onto the very twisty 1239 then take the 1047 to Uttaradit checking into the Numchai Hotel as usual at N17.36.716 E100.05.219

Then its a lovely pork ghoulash with Pasta at the New York Steakhouse N17.36.626 E100.05.144 for 160 Baht.

Get the gdb file here …

  4 Responses to “Nan-The Scenic Route To Uttaradit+The Lao Border”

  1. Hi Geoff

    From Uttaradit you head east along I believe the 1045 to Nam Pat, at Nam Pat take a left along the 1339 which will take you to the ferry crossing, sometimes there is a bit of a wait for the ferry to come over as they like to have cargo both ways.
    Whether you take the ferry or road route I doubt if there is much difference timewise and depending on which of the road options you took the mileage might not differ too much.

    Its been a few years since I rode along here but others are still riding and reporting about it

    Hope this helps you out.

    Where do you base yourself when in Thailand?



  2. Hi Colin I’m coming over from uk in Nov. I’ve been coming over for the last 15 years.
    I am looking at heading out from Uttaradit to Nan via your scenic route. I have been up this way before a few years back. However the old grey matter is not good. Anyway 2 things I’m trying to work out. Near the Sirikit dam is a golf club. From here you can take a road to take a make shift ferry across the reservoir which a friend of mine has taken. Do you know of it.
    If not going the scenic route from Uttaradit to Nan, how many Ks is it and roughly how long time wise.



  3. Hi Jason

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the site

    1239 and 1268 should be fine in a car, the 1239 is a very twisty road and I havent been along there since I wrote this trip report so I cant comment on the current state of the road surface.

    I didnt think the 1268 did cross over into Laos but I could be wrong, I have not been to Laos and know nothing about crossings at all so cant help you there.



  4. Hi  i love your detailed tour around Thailand.I ‘m an Aussie living in Thailand  actually Tha Pla Uttaradit . I’m thinking of doing a trip from Tha Pla to the thai lao boarder market. Are you aloud to cross into Laos and stay over night? And also do you know if route 1239 and 1268 is ok by car? I noticed that route 1268 crosses the Thai Lao boarder, are you able to enter Lao by this road? Regards Jason

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