Mar 012013

The route 1025, 3007, 4004, 4047, 4027, 3012, 101

Total distance 141 KM

A moo hunglay for breakfast at the noodle shop, 35 Baht and very nice too

I ride along the 1025 and stop for a look at Wat Phra That Khao Noi

A shot from along the 4047

Dirt starts at N18.71710 E100.62577

Its quite a rough stony track for a while

A much nicer surface and easier going now

The track I was following on the GPS finishes and if I can ride for another two km I will link up with a track I recorded a couple of years ago

Not the track I want so I double back to try another one

Just over 1 km as the crow flies is Ban Witthayu, my destination

This track looks like its going to the village

I reach the village and the paved surface at N18.75725 E100.57138

Bath time for the kid

The surface returns to dirt at N18.75802 E100.56129 for a while then changes back to paved at the co-ordinates I gave when I mapped it

On some bendy bits along the 4027 now

Back to dirt at the same place as before

A lot of bulldust along here now and care is needed in places

At N18.62194 E100.57536 the surface returns to paved and apart from a couple of silly very short stretches is now paved all the way back to the 101

The Nam Sa which I get to ride through further on

I take a couple of left turns onto dirt tracks to see if they head north but theres no way through

I take another left and the surface turns to dirt at N18.57306 E100.67439 just before I reach the river

I follow a dirt track which leads me to this much wider road that is covered in bulldust

This goes past the Huai Nam Hi Reservoir

This reservoir is still virtually full

The paved surface now starts at N18.58697 E100.68388

Braised steak in a mushroom and onion sauce with roast potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower for 230 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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