Dec 142011

The route 1091, 3030

Total distance 105 km

First of all I must apologise for the poor quality photos, last night in the restaurant some chicken stock got poured by accident over my camera and despite the owner cleaning it with an alcohol soaked tissue there must still be some on the lens

Todays trip was going to link up some waypoints that I left last year but I ended up taking a different turn to where I meant to go and I ended up in the middle of nowhere

A couple of shots from along the 3030

I carried on after the paved surface of the 3030 finished and noticed I was heading more westerly rather than north to link up my waypoint

Its not too difficult going and fantastic scenery

After a few km there is a short concrete section and a left takes me into a village

Looking back at the village from the top of a hill

Out in the wilds and this gentleman was just relaxing

While his crops dried out

I pass through a small village

That leads to nowhere, not that I fancy riding over it anyway

I am really enjoying todays ride and keep on believing that I will reach my waypoint goal but the further I ride the less likely its looking as I never seem to be getting any nearer to it

Thats quite a steep rutted bit that I have just rode up

More crops drying, I see loads of these out here today

The view is just amazing

I reach a water crossing

Not really enough to get the tyres wet

Another water crossing, this is deep in places

But I dont fancy the alternative so its through the water I go

The gentleman rides past and we pass each other a few times as I stop for photos, I cant help thinking something like that with knobblies on would be so much easier to manhandle, perhaps the KSR 110 is the ideal bike for this sort of thing

In some places its a loose surface and this is a bit of a problem on some steep descents as in 1st the wheel is sometimes locking with the engine braking being so strong

Now a section through the woods

Not far from where I turn around these are taking a break

Their abode

All of a sudden I am riding through the corn

Its getting beyond a joke now, its so tight the corn is knocking my mirrors around and catching on the levers plus its 1st gear and a struggle then the fan comes on which is unusual.
The bike and myself are both getting hot now, at the end of the corn field its a steep rocky single track through the woods and as I have now travelled further north than my waypoint and I am still to the west of it I decide to turn back.
There is another waypoint to my north which is near to Sop Khun but there no guarantee that my current route will take me there plus its a fair way there so no regrets in aborting the trip, I have reached N19.00.145 E100.36.221 should anyone else wish to try this lovely route out this way

Riding back through the woods

On the way back and I clocked it at 21.1km from my turnaround point back to the paved surface of the 3030

At the start of the paved surface this track was the one I meant to take and I ride it for about half a km and it is heading directly towards my waypoint, not that that means anything and I will explore it another time from the other end.
I am glad I took the route I did today as it was a great fun scenic ride even if it did go to nowhere

A couple of old Ladies walk along carrying their goods

John Dory fish and a double portion of fries at Tonys Place tonight for 175 Baht

The bird arrives again as I am eating

It perches on the chair next to me and before I know it nicks one of my fries

I leave a fry on the plate and its quickly snatched before I can get the photo

Get the gdb file here …

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