Mar 212011

The route 1169, 1081, 1256

Total distance 207 km

The road widening along the 1169 is progressing towards Nan, unfortunately that lovely narrow twisty road that I have enjoyed riding for many years is being lost, as are the trees that line it, probably never to be replaced

This is what the new section looks like, a nice surface but the character and charm of the old road is sadly missing

A quick stop at the Huai Khon Kaen reservoir at N18.57.737 E100.55.650

Its feeding time and the water boils as the fish go into a feeding frenzy

I will soon be riding amongst those hills

On the 1256 and a good surface

Not much water in the small rivers now

The 1256 is one of Nan’s many fine roads

Six Honda 250 AX1s come past

These French guys spoke quite good English and are on a 15 day tour on these bikes which were rented from Dang hire in Chiang Mai

This happened at the top of a steep upward climb, perhaps he nodded off rather than was going too fast

The 1081 south of Bo Kluea heading towards Santisuk

The road widening along the 1081 is also progressing

Just before reaching town and the Nan river is steadily bubbling along

A double portion of lasagna, onions and garlic bread at Tonys Place for 208 Baht, I was totally stuffed after this
Get the gdb file here …

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