Feb 242008

The route 1080, 1148, 1297, 1188, 1092, 1091

Todays trip was to explore some new roads and also an excuse to ride the 1148, as if one was needed. I left Nan on the 1080 north to Tha Wang Pha then did a left onto the 1148

The 1148 is okay along here but the brilliant section is a fair way off yet

At Song Khwae I took the 1297 signposted to Ban Bannasophit and this goes for about 16 km until the tarmac runs out

Its good scenery up along this road

The road itself is okay, a narrow twisty lane thats of reasonable surface quality

Now its back on the 1148 and even the farm animals seem to appreciate this road

Its starting to look good now

I have just ridden that nice twisting section but getting decent aerial photos is a bit difficult today

But these are yet to come

On a sharp bend two bikes come the other way and both riders acknowledge me, one was a red sports bike and I think the other was a BMW, any other gt-riders out here now?

Its hazy again, nowhere near as good photos as in november

I turn left onto the 1188, this road is not the best even though my map shows it as a main road like the 1148

After about 6 km it turns to unmade, I ride on for another 1 km but no better, my map says its a main road all the way to Pong, I will have to investigate it from the other end later on

I ride up a steep mound but as far as I can see theres only a dirt road from here on, I backtrack to the 1148 and ride another 13 km towards Chiang Kham

I turn left onto the 1092 and this is a much better road

Good scenery up here also, this road has loads of hills and corners to start with

Plenty of these too

This road makes up for the disappointment of the 1188, after about 15 km it flattens out and is an okay road but the best bit is definitely at the start from the 1148.

I get to Pong and its 3 pm and I still have 110 km back to Nan so I leave finding the other end of the 1188 for another day. From Pong its the 1091 all the way back to Nan, I dont think that I have ever rode the section between Pong and Chiang Muan before, its good and that makes four new roads that I have ridden today, that must be a record for me up in Nan province. I get back to Nan and see that I have rode 360 km today, it didnt really seem that far

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