Dec 162010

The route 1080, 2026, 1148, Unknown, 1279, 4011
Total distance 270 km

I head north along the 1080 and at N18.59.163 E100.46.625 take a right onto the 2026, this has shown up on my gps but its not on my Thinknet map and it follows the Nan river

Some small rapids here

The 2026 soon turns into a pleasant well surfaced road

Its not far before it reaches a small village on the Nan river then exits onto the 1080 at N19.00.590 E100.46.546

I ride on to Tha Wang Pha then take a left onto the brilliant 1148

At N19.22.773 E100.36.205 I take a right onto an unnumbered road but possibly its the 2042, the Pha Lak cave at N19.23.202 E100.36.263

This has potential, I was going to ride it last week but at 4pm I just wanted to get home to Nan, plus exploring offroad in the dark isnt my idea of fun

Its a good twisty road with great scenery

After 8.6 km I reach the end of the paved road at N19.26.336 E100.36.137

I ride back 0.8 km to N19.25.939 E100.36.263 then take a left onto an unpaved track

Where these friendly dogs are waiting

Then its off into the unknown along this stony bumpy track that shows on my Thinknet map as linking to the 1279

Its quite easy going just bumpy thats all

Halfway along and the roads blocked with the maize being processed

Someone else rides along and after a few minutes they shut the machine down and we ride past

Theres a rubber plantation along here

This is a fun little track to ride with great scenery

After 9.3 km at N19.25.924 E100.40.588 I reach a Concrete road and 100 metres later at N19.25.952 E100.40.625 I reach the 1279, turning left onto it

Its bike washing time for these locals at the river

I ride on reaching the end of the asphalt at N19.27.767 E100.41.836, usually I stop here but the surface has been widened, rolled smooth and is ready for asphalting so I ride on

I wonder how far this smooth surface goes, theres only one way to find out

A very welcome sight indeed, after 7.8 km at N19.31.316 E100.41.601 I come to an older asphalt surface that goes to the border

1.1 km later at N19.31.870 E100.41.552 I reach the border, according to the gps the border is about another 300 metres

Perhaps where the lorry is coming through is the actual border

But this is where my journey stops

Time to ride back and it appears that the asphalting is starting 1.1 km from the border and working back towards the 1148, on next years trip it should be a good road all the way, once I get back to the old asphalt surface its exactly 15 km to the 1148

I ride along the 1148 towards Nan until I take a right at N19.14.051 E100.45.319 onto the 4011 and another new road for me

It looks like the bridge has fallen down at both ends

This is the new temporary one, I am surprised that no work has been done on repairing it yet as this one wont be much use in the wet season

Only the middle section is still in full working order

After a few km the asphalt turns to concrete and according to my gps its not long before it turns into a dirt track

More great scenery

Plua a decent enough concrete road, that runs for a lot further than the gps says

At N19.13.313 E100.39.169 I stop at Ponggi hot springs

Some decrepit old buildings here but no one around

I ride on through the village which I assume is Ponggi

After 17.2 km at N19.13.031 E100.38.596 the paved surface finishes and its a stony track from here on, these five girls came running over and kept on posing, sometimes pulling faces

After 1.3 km at N19.12.515 E100.38.941 I stop and turn around

Time to ride back enjoying the scenery in the opposite direction

There were two more concrete tracks running off of this road but theres no time to try them today, something to come back for next time

Sea fish and chips tonight at Tonys Place, a double portion for 200 Baht.
Get the gdb file here …

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