Mar 042013

The route 101, 5085, 4004, 3012

Total distance 154 km

It rained heavily in Nan for much of the night so goodness knows what it will be like offroad riding today.
Filling up with fuel this morning at the Nan Oil station that I always use up near the airport I meet the Nan village idiot, I pull up in front of a pump that dispenses gasohol 91 and diesel only for him to ask me which one I wanted.
Now I know that thinking isnt encouraged in Thai schooling but this surely takes the biscuit

Todays dirt was
N18.69430 E100.74329 to N18.69410 E100.72955
N18.68709 E100.68504 to N18.66329 E100.67578
N18.64891 E100.68499 to N18.64875 E100.69422
N18.64649 E100.69714 to N18.64649 E100.69714
N18.64875 E100.69422 to N18.63732 E100.71817
N18.63643 E100.71069 to N18.59910 E100.70406
N18.59910 E100.70406 to N18.58686 E100.60325
N18.58686 E100.60325 to N18.58697 E100.68388

It was a bit slippery to start with

A slightly better offroad surface now

Very slow progress on this, I couldnt believe how wet it was and how easily the KLX kept bogging down

This is more like it, this surface is very easy to ride on and no dust blowing around today

The sky looks threatening but it remains dry today

It looks like this track has an obstacle in the way

This track takes me out to the 4027 where I turn around and ride back exploring more new dirt tracks

The white dog is a serial leg humper and hardly left my leg alone

Thats got their attention and while they are eating I leave before I get humped again

I reach this new road that doesnt appear on any map I have, GPS or paper and follow it to finally put it on the map

I quite expect to see this one surfaced by my next trip here and it will link the 4027 up with the Huai Nam Hi Reservoir

It is still being widened at the 4027 end, all in all a good days find of new tracks

Moo hunglay from the market for 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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