Jan 132010

The route 1169, 1081, 1275, 1333, 1081, 1256, 1080

Total distance 235 km

I took the 1169 out of town towards Santisuk

In the distance I can see some roadworks

I bet that they are going to ruin that lovely corner, theres a 1.6 km stretch of compacted dirt waiting to be asphalted but apart from that a good surface all the way

These dont look very tall but just to the right of centre of the picture just underneath the trees is a human head

Zoomed right in, what are these plants anyway?

At the junction with the 1081 I turn right towards Bo Kluea

I just love riding along this road, a brilliant fun road and spectacular scenery

No big fires that I have seen out here so far this trip

Some S bends and hairpins along this road

Its great riding along the ridge, you can see for miles

I reach the roadworks and its only a 1.3 km section of unsurfaced road

Then the new surface starts off like this

I take a right onto the 1257

Looking to my right this is the 1081 that I have just rode down

This is why the roadworks are taking so long

Dead to the world

I was thinking maybe I should drive their lorry away and park it up the road just to see the looks on their faces when they woke up, I doubt that starting it up would wake them as Thais can sleep through anything

After 5.2 km I take a left onto an unnumbered road that becomes the 1333 later on

A road that snakes up through the mountains

Theres lots of loose gravel in places and sometimes the surface is quite bad but I have ridden this road on all my bikes plus the hired ones in the early days and I always enjoy riding along it

Evidence of some new surfacing since I last rode here in April

I stop in a village that I was told is called Phu Loi, probably not how its spelt though

I notice that all of these in the village have Cadbury on them

Now if only they were full of Cadburys drinking chocolate then I might consider moving up here

I saw a few new houses being prepared

Down in the valley I can hear the Wa river flowing along

This is another road that I dont ever remember seeing anyone mentioning in their trip reports

Another new section recently cut out that wasnt like this in april

If only they would resurface the entire length of this road then all of you would want to ride it, it would be a perfect super motard bike road

The brilliant surface has spread further out from the Bo Kluea end, hopefully it will find its way all the way along to the 1257

I stop at this Ladys shop in Ban Sop Mang for a snack then ride on to Bo Kluea

At Bo Kluea I stop to buy a big bag of salt for my Landlady in Nan then its off along the 1256, a bit of repair work going on here

A couple of photos from the Ton Chomphu Phukha view point

The 1256 is a good fun road with good scenery as well

It looks like there are some roadworks ahead

They have been busy here lately

Looking back it seems rather different

Compared to how it looked in april

Descending towards Pua and theres some good hairpins

I ride down to Pua then take the 1080 back to Nan, its a bit dusty where the road widening is taking place plus theres only a dirt surface in places for a while

A pizza at Da Darios tonight for 150 Baht

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