Feb 212013

The route 1169, 2022, 4019, 1080

Total distance 110 km

Dirt starts at N18.89555 E100.83915

I am parked on the overflow of the Huai Wa Reservoir

The water level looks quite low and it seems to be a small reservoir at first appearance until you ride around it

A bit further along is the Huai Nam Cham Reservoir

This track carries on northwards and joins up with another one to make a loop

Riding back on the loop and heres the first reservoir from a different angle

She seems happy with her find

A ride through the bamboo forest now and the guy cutting them down hides when I get the camera out

I had best not upset him too much as he has this

He seems to have recovered now, I thought cutting bamboo down wasnt a problem but it obviously was for him

Theres a short paved section from N18.89230 E100.82072 to N18.89310 E100.82294

A few dead ends today, those houses are about 1 km away but I have to find another track to reach them

This track is getting narrow now

It turns to single track for the last 300 metres before it reaches the paved surface of the 2022

An easy enough crossing, I ride to the 2022 then turn around to explore more of these dirt tracks and I was surprised at how many of them were loops especially as none of the loops showed on the ESRI map

Dirt finishes at N18.90022 E100.79859.
On the ride back to Nan I explore a couple more dirt tracks.
Dirt was from N18.88010 E100.80110 to N18.86081 E100.81129 and from N18.85848 E100.80708 to N18.85490 E100.79644

A double portion of chicken massaman and rice from the market for 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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