Mar 312009

The route 1169, 1081, 1256, 1081, 1333, 1257, 1225, 1168

Total distance 272 km

First stop was the local Honda shop and this frame was put around the number plate to keep it in one piece, I always assumed these were for cosmetic purposes but now I see their true purpose, 80 Baht later and I am on my way

The 1169 was the exit this morning and at the T junction with the 1081 it was a left onto it

Just before Pua it was a right onto the 1256

Quite a few of these hairpins along this road

I see my first snake for a fair while, its a tree dwelling rat snake and as soon as it crossed the road it climbs up into the foilage

Its a bit clearer in this picture

Quite hazy along here today

This lovely road never fails to excite

A landslip either side here, I hope it doesnt completely go as it would be a shame to see this road out of action when visiting Nan

Definitely the biggest fire that I see today

I stop at the view point at the highest point and chat with this lad with the Honda XL 125S, werent these from the late 70s/early 80s ?

Whilst at the highest peak I could hear the thunder in the distance

I ride to the 1256s end and turn right onto the 1081, just past Bo Kluea it starts raining

I take a left onto the 1333 which was the 4016 before but has now been renumbered but its only for the first 14 km then the km markers finish and no signs anywhere telling you what the road number is

I am riding in really heavy rain now and soon get soaked through

The rain eases off and its still a pleasant ride even in the wet

Todays heavy rain must have put out lots of fires as it covered a very large area right back to Nan

This is a narrow and not brilliantly surfaced road but the scenery is awesome

I have ridden this road on all four of my bikes and a dual purpose bike is definitely the best option for it

The sun is out now and I am slowly starting to dry out

I reach the T junction wit the 1257 and turn right then ride to its junction with the 1081

At the junction with the 1081 I turn round to ride the entire length of this fun road

The surface is not brilliant in places but that doesnt detract from one of the best roads around here

I am riding along the ridgeline for ages and its brilliant

The road, the scenery, its just great, the wind has seriously picked up now and I see lightning and hear thunder. I seem to be on the edge of it, theres a few drops of rain now and then but nothing too uncomfortable

Everyone should put this road on the must ride list too, you certainly wont go home disappointed

All good things come to an end and I reach the T junction with the 1225, I do a left and ride towards Mae Charim. The surface is good to start with and theres this lovely bend but after that its a bit mundane after the brilliant 1257

Its starts raining hard for a while then stops and as I reach the 1168 and turn right it starts raining really hard again and I get soaked for the second time today after just about drying out. Todays ride was definitely a fun packed one and a good day loop from Nan

Its a buffet outside the Nara supermarket tonight, 99 Baht for as much as you can eat

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