Jan 172010

The route 1169, 1081, 1080, 1097, 1148, 1082, 1080

Total distance 279 km

I take the 1169 out of town and stop at the Huai Khon Khaen Reservoir

This one is less than one metre below capacity

Then its on along the great 1169

I take a left onto the 1081 to ride to Pua

At Pua I take a right onto the 1080 and ride to Chiang Klang and here its a left onto the 1087

Which soon develops into a twisty road with a good surface

Soon I am up into the hills and the great scenery

Its a bit hazy in the distance

Unfortunately the surface deteriorates significantly after a while, its a shame they cant put the good surface along its entire length

I reach the 1148 and turn left onto it

I take a right onto the 1082 and stop at a bridge

The fish in the middle of the picture is quite large and I am surprised to not see any Thais fishing here

Its not long before I am riding along the ridgeline of this well surfaced fun road

I stop at a village halfway along

The youngster on the back certainly seems to be enjoying herself

As I am catching this young girl up from behind I am thinking that theres a Western youngster out here

I dont usually see blonde hair on girls this young, normally its an older thing

Stunning scenery

Plus a great surface on a twisty road makes this a great ride

Theres definitely a fire burning ahead

I ride down into Ban Sop Khun and these dogs are in the road

I zoom in and typically they look away

A whistle gets their attention

On the way back and a few km out of town I take a right down a rough track for five km to I guess a Royal Project but theres no signs in English

Strawberries are growing here amongst other things

Plus lots of cabbages

The views from here are great

I ride back to the 1148 and turn right onto it and a couple of km later its a right onto the 1080 and back to Nan

Sausage,chips, beans and a bread roll tonight for 120 Baht at Tonys Place, they were freshly made homemade sausages and very delicious too, there doesnt look an awful lot here but believe me with the bread roll as well it was a very filling meal This has now become my restaurant of choice in Nan, the lasagna here is vastly superior to Da Darios, funnily enough the general opinion in Nan is that you go to Da Darios for the good steaks but go elsewhere for Italian food

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