Apr 022009

The route 1091, 1092, 1148, 1179, 1092, 1091, 1120, 1154, 103, 101

Total distance 476 km

It was pissing down with rain here early this morning for a fair while but by the time I left, 9am it was sunny and dry, I took the 1091 out to Chiang Muan

The air is nice and clear this morning

The 1091 is always a pleasure to ride

One fantastic road this and as usual hardly any traffic at all

About 1 km after Pong I take a right onto the 1092

This is a road I only discovered last year so todays only the second time along here for me

This road is one of Nans hidden gems, I never see anyone writing about it, the problem is Nan has so many good roads unless you are here for a couple of weeks you dont get to ride them all, thats why I spend so much time here

Next time any of you are in Nan try to ride this road, a perfect day loop from Nan would be the 1080, 1148, 1092, 1091, I defy anyone to try this loop and not say its awesome

I reach the 1148 and turn left onto it, this section of the 1148 is just another road this far out from Nan, the great bit is going in the opposite direction. I ride on for about 15 km then take a left onto the 1179

This is an okay road but nowhere near as good as the 1092

The 1179 meets the 1092 and I turn right onto it

At Pong I do a left onto the 1091 and ride back to Chiang Muan

Instead of taking the 1091 back to Nan I take the 1120 which goes to Song

What an enjoyable fun road this is too, I stop for a drink and notice a big nail in my rear tyre, it can stay in there too until I get back to Nan then I can find out whether its punctured or not. What is it with this bike, I did 110000 km on the Bm and never got a single puncture, if this is a puncture that makes it three in 37000 km, perhaps off road tyres dont pick up nails as easily as road tyres do

About ten km before Song I take a right onto the 1154 and ride towards Ngao, I reach the National Park barriers and just say that I am riding to Ngao and they let you go as this is a through road, the National Park is in a turn off a bit further on

I have stopped at this point goodness knows how many times over the last ten years and never have I seen this much water or the water this colour before

You used to be able to walk right down to the river using this ladder, but it looks past its sell by date now, in fact over the last two years the steps and everything else at this point has disintegrated

I can safely say that I saw lots more cattle on this road than any vehicles

I am noticing that the sun is getting low and imagining that its about 15.30, a check of my watch tells me its 17.45 and I was on my way to Ngao. I get back to Nan at 20.00 hours in the dark, glad of those two spotlight today. A thoroughly enjoyable trip as usual and a longer one than I planned

Chicken Cordon Bleu at Da Darios tonight for 150 Baht, Davidfl, you were right it is good

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  1. Great shots and a reminder of just how undiscovered Nan is by the masses that head elsewhere. 
    Finishing up at Da Dario’s has been the end of many a happy day in Nan for my wife and I – almost an institution.

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