Apr 012009

The route 1080, 1148, 1160, 1148, 1188, 1091

Total distance 346 km

I took the 1080 northwards out of town and at Tha Wang Pha I took a left onto the 1148

This brilliant road needs no introduction to most GT-Riders who have had the pleasure of riding it

Theres a nice big landslip here

This is all thats left of the road

The storm that I was on the edge of yesterday was out this way, theres a lot of brown water in the river from it

Not a lot of traffic along here today, which is good

One good thing about being out here later in the season is that I can get some aerial photos now that the greenery has been burnt

At Ban Pang Mu the entire road has dropped down a fair bit

I take a right onto the 1160 and this is a new road for me

From yesterdays storm no doubt

The roads a bit shitty in places but good scenery though

After ten km the road turns to dirt and I turn back, I will explore it another day

Halfway back to the 1148 and I take a left onto an unnumbered road

It only goes for five km then stops at this village

Pleasant scenery here as well

I get back to the 1148 and turn left heading back towards Tha Wang Pha

After a few km I take a right onto the 1188, this isnt a very good surface and four km later it turns to unmade

Last year on the Bm I got to here and turned back, this year on the Phantom I ride it

Its quite hard packed so not too bad, I am riding downhill virtually all the way so anyone else following me if you prefer to ride uphill on dirt then start from Pong and ride towards the 1148

The scenery alone makes this a very enjoyable ride

There is about half a km at a village with this surface then its back to dirt

After 16 km of dirt I reach the asphalt section and ride to the 1091

Not far along the 1091 and theres this monster turd

For size comparison, its between km 39&40 if youre out this way then take care not to hit it

The 1091 is a bit flatter out near Pong but still a good road

Its this lovely road back to Nan

Da Darios tonight for a pizza 120 Baht

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