Feb 272008

The route 1091, 1188, 4011, 1179, 1148, 1097, 1080, 1081, 1169
Total distance 480 km

Todays trip was to explore the other end of the 1188 and a couple of other roads that I have yet to ride in Nan province. I left Nan on the 1091 and stayed on it until Pong

Great scenery on the 1091 between Nan and Chiang Muan

The 1091 between Chiang Muan and Pong

I turn right to go into Pong and ride through town, this is the 1188, there is a km marker saying 24 km to somewhere so I am hopeful of a tarmac road

Its very pleasant scenery along this road

After a few kms out of Pong this is a pleasant road to ride on

There are a fair few twists on this road and it is in quite good condition

I reach Ban Nam Puk 24 km later and the tarmac ends, but as the sign says it does carry on to Chiang Kham, I estimate the dirt section as 10-15 km but I cant be bothered riding it today

I ride on just a little bit to make sure it doesnt go back to tarmac but no such luck, I ride back to Pong and just before town I turn right onto the 4011 which runs parallel with the 1092, this was a mistake its built up most of the entire journey and is uninteresting as well

I turn left onto the 1092 then after less than 1 km its a right onto the 1179

This is a good road and one that I have never rode before, I ride until I reach the 1148 then turn right onto it and enjoy a non stop fast ride until I turn left onto the 1097 just after Song Khwae

The 1097 has been resurfaced as you turn on to it but unfortunately not for long enough

The scenery from up here is amazing though, it more than makes up for the roads pot holes

I get into Chiang Klang and its 5 pm, the plan was to ride the 1291 as thats another road that I havent been on but its too late, it will be 6 before I get to Nan and riding that would make it 7.30-8 to Nan, much too late for my liking so it will have to wait until next holiday. I take the 1080 to Pua then its the choice of staying on the 1080 back to Nan or the 1081 and the 1169, no choice really, its got to be the 1081 and the 1169. Well thats the end of my second Nan trip this holiday, what with novembers trip plus this one, with the exception of the 1291 I think that every road has been explored this holiday around Nan, tomorrow the plan is to ride to Chiang Khan

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