Feb 262008

The route 101, 1026, 1339, 1176, 1047, 1123, 1083, 1026, 101
Total distance 370 km

I left Nan on the 101 to Wiang Sa then took the 1026 to Na Noi and through to Na Muen, just after Na Muen I took the left turn onto the 1339 for Pak Nai the fishermans village.

The water level has dropped a lot here now and when I asked about going across the water I was directed back out of the village and up the hill a bit before turning left down a narrow concrete road to get the ferry. Two years ago I got the ferry from where the restaurants are

I thought at first that this was going to be my ferry and I wasnt too keen I can tell you

But luckily it was this, two years ago I shared this with a truck but today it was just me, the same fare of 100 Baht though, I had a nice early start today, I was riding off at 8 am and I was on the ferry by 10 am

My driver today, the guy stayed on the ferry with me and let her drive instead

Leaving Pak Nai behind, and that nice shiny road out of it

This guy appeared to be swimming right across and with his dog on an inflated inner tube

After 20 minutes we reach the other side

Its time to set off and see what the road is like, I am hoping for some improvements from two years ago between here and Nam Pat

The start of the journey and its a decent piece of tarmac

The km marker says 52 km to Nam Pat and I only wish it was like this all the way there

I am having fun on this road thats for sure, occasionally I see another vehicle but not often

Theres a small amount of loose gravel on the surface at times, but not enough to cause me too much concern

This is another road that I have never seen anyone mention in their trip reports, its well worth riding

I couldnt remember how far the decent surface went but I found out after 33km where before it was unmade it is now a brand new tar surface for 2 km

Then there is a further 1 km under construction but even this is miles better than the previous surface

Its back to the old surface thats still very enjoyable

Theres lots of fun to be had on this road so put it in your list of roads to ride when out this way

After another 10 km of fun on that lovely piece of tarmac I finally come to the unmade section

But even most of this section is decent and hopefully when they have asphalted the last km where they are currently working this last section will get the treatment and hopefully next holiday it will be tarmac for the entire journey

This is what its mainly like, not too bad at all, also its only for 6.5 km then its back to tarmac right into Nam Pat

Just before Nam Pat I turn left onto the 1176

This is a very well surfaced road

I come to the T junction with the 1047 and turn left

I guess I am not in Nan province anymore, perhaps this is Uttaradit province, whatever the 1047 is the jewel in the crown in this neck of the woods and I make sure I ride the entire length of it whenever I stay in Uttaradit

This road is awesome

Definitely put the 1047 on the list of roads to ride

Unfortunately I dont get to ride the last section of it as I turn left onto the 1123 and ride for about 12 km

Then its a left onto the 1083, and here at the start of it the roadworks are coming to an end, a hard surface is down and hopefully will be asphalted soon, its only for 1.5 km anyway then its a tarmac surface all the way back to Na Noi. Dougal there are not so many cow pats along here now, theres still some but not as bad as before. I ride to Na Noi then go back to Nan the way I left and I am back by 4 pm
Todays trip was just brilliant, I heartily recommend this as a day loop to anyone out here in Nan

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  1. Hi,

    This looks like an amazing route to take between Utaradit and Nan. My girlfriend are planning on cycling in the region in a couple weeks and are interested in taking this route. Did you notice if there was any accomodation along the way? I have read that you might be able to stay in Pak Nai at the fisherman village but not sure. Perhaps in Na Noi??


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