Jan 182010

The route 101, 1026, 1339, 1176, 1047, 1123, 1083, 1026, 101

Total distance 369 km

I took the 101 to Wiang Sa then the 1026 towards Na Noi and a fine twisty road in places

At Na Muen I take a left onto the 1339 to ride to Pak Nai, the fishermans village

Its a wide road for a short way

A guy on the hill cutting the grass

Which will no doubt soon be on fire

The road really narrows now but its not a bad surface and virtually devoid of traffic

Great scenery now that I am up in the hills again

The road widens for the remainder of the way

The descent into Pak Nai, normally I have a ride around here but as I come down into the village I see that the ferry is loading and about to go so I hurry over to it

Its a full ferry today, two cars and two bikes, todays the first time that this has ever happened as I usually cross alone

The famous Thai reverse hand V sign

Its off along the 1339 on the other side

Its a good fun road thats well surfaced but there is a short section that is about to be resurfaced and is just hard packed at the moment

Another road that seldom has much traffic on it

The last six km still has to be surfaced but hopefully it will be one day

I take a left onto the 1176 and at the t junction with the 1047 turn left onto it

The 1047 is a great well surfaced road for its entire length

I take a left onto the 1123

Then a left onto the 1083

The 1083 is another good road but has loose gravel sometimes, I didnt notice so many cow turds on it today

There is a section of a few km that is waiting for the asphalt to be put down

Sometimes a vehicle comes along but not often

I ride on to Na Noi and here take a right onto the 1026 back to Wiang Sa then the 101 to Nan

The restaurant called Tip Top that used to be where Da Darios is now has reopened opposite the Esso garage just before Tesco Lotus, this I was told by an Ex Pat last night. As their pizzas were much better I decided to try there tonight

Yes a better pizza and only 100 Baht and absolutely tons of mushrooms on it

As I am eating my pizza only about 100 metres from Tesco Lotus a Dairy Queen was purchased. I thought they only quickly held it upside down for a gimmick but the girl told me to hold it upside down for the photo and no it didnt fall out

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