Apr 082009

The route 101, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1241, 1268, 2113, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201

total distance 376 km

I asked my Landlady to knock on my door at about 6 am but she knocked me up at 5 am so it was an early coffee for me this morning. I packed and I made a nice early 7 am set off this morning so a nice relaxed ride, I took my usual route between these two places, the 101 to Wiang Sa then the 1026 to Na noi then it was on the fun 1083 and its a real hazy view of the river from on high

The 1083 never has hardly any traffic on it and if only the loose gravel was swept up it would be a much better ride along here

There has been a lot of heavy rain along here in the last few days and some of the small streams that are usually totally dried up now are flowing with brown water

At the end of the 1083 I do a left onto the 1123 then about half a km later its a right onto the 1241

I cant fault this road, its in good condition and loads of good corners

I reach a t junction and take the left onto the 1268

Its a lot greener than I expected along here

I stop for a breather at the Phu Soidao waterfall

Immediately after the waterfall the road is unsurfaced for about eight km, mostly its reasonably hard packed but its loose in some places and not very nice

I see two kids with buckets ahead on my right so I make sure the camera is under my armpit and keep going. I see them throw the water and I get hit by two buckets of dirty brown water thats probably just come from the ditch, I go a bit further then stop to rinse my mouth out with fresh water. a Thai lady with her young daughter catch me up and I notice that they are wet as well

Some good twisties here now

I take a right onto the 2113 then almost immediately take a left onto the 2195, these people are doing a very worthwhile job filling in the pot holes along here

The Hueang river is really muddy brown now from the recent rains

All the way along here the usually dried up streams are still wet

The Hueang was a metre or two higher recently

In Ban Ahi the surface is completely up for roadworks

I take a right onto the 4014 then a left onto the 2154 which takes me to the 201, here its a left and on to Chiang Khan where I check in at my usual, the Tong Khong Guest House, even with my 7 am start its still 16.15 when I pull in

The Mekong is down since I was last here in december

The sandbanks are out of the water in places now

I have a chicken with garlic and pepper tonight for a change as she cooks a nice one here at Tong Khong

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