Jan 192010

The route 1091, 1092, 1148, 1179, 1092, 1091

Total distance 315 km

It was the 1091 out of town and most of todays mileage was rode on this fine road

Once a few km out of Nan its great scenery

A motorcyclists delight this road is, lots of bends and a brilliant surface to go with it

About one km past Pong it was a right onto the 1092, this road is nothing for the first part then suddenly opens up

A great fun road with next to no traffic on it at all

At the 1092s end I take a left onto the 1148 towards Chiang Kham then take a left onto the 1179

This is a well surfaced road but a lot more traffic uses this one

This takes me back to the 1092 north of Pong which in turn takes me back to the 1091 where I turn left to ride back to Nan

I enjoy the 1091 in the opposite direction back to Nan

Tonights meal is the breakfast at Tonys Place, this very tasty filling meal for 150 Baht, I reckon this is the breakfast to go for in Nan. 2 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 sausages, beans, fried bread, mushrooms and bubble&squeak (fried mashed potato&cabbage) I left this off and opted for fries instead

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