Jan 202010

The route 1091, 1120, 1154, 103, 1134, 1342, 1217, 1216, 1026, 101

Total distance 384 km

I took the 1091 out of town for about sixty km then took a left onto the 1120 towards Song

This is a good well surfaced road with lots of bends along its length

There is cloud blocking the sun and its quite a cold ride until I put the pullover and tracksuit bottoms on, then I am more comfortable

Before Song I take a right onto the 1154 to ride to Ngao on a virtually deserted road

Halfway along and its a new surface, no lines on it yet

Just before Ngao its time to turn around and enjoy this road in the opposite direction

Just past Song I merge with the 103 turning left onto it and at the crossroads with the 101 I go straight over and now I am on the 1134

After a few km I take a left onto the 1342

At last I am climbing up into the hills and its time to remove the pullover and tracksuit bottoms as I am starting to sweat in them

I am surprised not to see any fires up here as it looks very dry

I take a left onto the 1217 and along here the surface isnt so good in places

I take a right onto the 1216 to ride to Na Noi

Not a lot of straights along this road and it deserves to get rode more

The cloud cover has returned and its rather cool again this afternoon

The little chap looks a little sad in this picture

Its beginning to look more like rain but thankfully doesnt

A good fun scenic road, at Na Noi I turn left onto the 1026 and ride to Wiang Sa then take the 101 back to Nan

A chicken phal and rice at Tonys Place tonight, 49 Baht for the chicken phal and 10 Baht for the rice, a steal I reckon, tasty and filling as well

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