Mar 032013

The route 101, 3038, 4004, 3007, 1025

Total distance 119 km

A cool cloudy morning and my landlady said storms forecast for today, I have an oil change first then decide to stay in the vicinity of the town today in case its stormy

Todays ride was a few new dirt tracks and todays dirt was
N18.69928 E100.67078 to N18.68167 E100.66174
N18.69163 E100.64673 to N18.70142 E100.66824
N18.70142 E100.66824 to N18.70363 E100.66058
N18.70363 E100.66058 to N18.68304 E100.64724
N18.64891 E100.68499 to N18.63643 E100.71069
N18.63643 E100.71069 to N18.64875 E100.69422
N18.66329 E100.67578 to N18.70037 E100.67249

I certainly dont envy him up there picking the tamarind

Most of todays riding was done on this type of surface and if it does suddenly rain hard it shouldnt be much of a problem

A bit rockier now and riding through the woods

I had hoped this track would go on and meet the 4027 but here was the end of the line

It was windy all day today but thankfully stayed dry and even warmed up a bit this afternoon

I cross the Nam Pua on a track that doesnt show on the ESRI but there was no concern about the water level being too high

Looking along the river in the other direction it looks even drier

A fun day exploring new tracks close to town

Chicken Madras for 120 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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