Mar 072013

The route 1169, 1257, 1225

Total distance 190 km

The Huai Phong Reservoir looks virtually dried up at its furthermost point

A shot from the 1257

Todays dirt was
N18.93509 E101.06206 to N18.93571 E101.06148
N18.92656 E101.07679 to N18.93571 E101.06148
N18.91136 E100.97753 to N18.91136 E100.97753
N18.90814 E100.96000 to N18.90899 E100.96320
N18.90181 E100.95824 to N18.89107 E100.95995
N18.87831 E100.98493 to N18.87831 E100.98493
N18.87468 E100.98708 to N18.87468 E100.98708

I run off the correct track onto this single track for a while

I turn around here thinking this is the end of the line and ride back

Riding back on the correct track I appear to be on the kids playing fields

In another village just as I am about to start my second off road trip

Two very tall trees virtually joined and I see one of them has been burnt out inside

They appear to be entwined

At the end of the track are a few homes but no solar power or mains electricity here

A busy dirt track on the ride back

I ride back to the river where I am told the track I am taking goes nowhere, but they were wrong

It turns to this narrow single track that its not possible to get the bike down

Another 222 metres and I would be where I turned around on my first dirt trip today

I find another track which takes me down into the stream, now if I can follow this stream I will make the loop, fortunately it did go with and across the stream so I linked up okay

Riding back along the 1257 I take a left to explore another dirt track

This sort of terrain has completely dried out from the other days rain and its fun riding here

The track turns to single and I ride it for another 200 metres

Here was a good turnaround point I thought

He goes shooting off down the single track, I left a waypoint and might try to find it from the opposite direction

On the way back I come across these

Off he goes and he rode for a few km without it coming loose

I ride to the Huai Phong Reservoir and at the dam end its well low

Theres a lot of new concrete since my last visit

That bridge wasnt there and I had to ride through the river bed

Another dirt track I try out

I am riding off the GPS and theres road making equipment here and some new flat dirt tracks, as they got in obviously I can ride out creating an unmapped loop

Another dirt excursion ends here

The last track of the day and I am soon off the GPS and riding blind up high with great scenery

These bring me a beer which I decline, then I am offered whisky, third time lucky I get a beaker full of ice and some water which was very welcome

I ask if I can get to Mae Charim this way, they say yes but it turns to this after a while.
I ride back and they point me in another direction but its a bit late to mess around now and I ride back the way I came

Lasagne and garlic bread at Tony’s Place for 160 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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