Feb 172013

The route 1169, 1225

Total distance 153 km

More exploring of the dirt tracks inside the 1169, 1225, 1168 loop today and dirt starts at N18.85560 E100.82235

That bridge looks like its seen better days and I certainly had no intention of trying it out

I ride back to the 1169 and its a paved surface from N18.84663 E100.81377 back to the 1169 where I turn around and ride back to explore more dirt

A lot of dead ends and yes they turn into farm access tracks but some of them were great fun to ride on a good surface plus some of them linked up

Just past the tobacco the surface turns to paved at N18.85766 E100.81905

Dirt starts again at N18.88813 E100.83569

A fun little track that I thought would rejoin the 1169 a few km further along

Unfortunately there is no way back to the 1169 so I have to ride back

The brand new surface of the 1169

A stop at the Huai Pa reservoir which was surprisingly virtually full

Dirt starts again at N18.90957 E100.92833

Some loose bulldust in places and lots of vehicles churning it up

All new stuff again for me today and I was thinking how great the views would be here just as the rainy season finishes

Thankfully they didnt insist I stayed for dinner

The end of the track both on the ESRI and in reality, probably about 1 km from where I got to yesterday riding in the opposite direction but no way to link them up

Now for the fun ride back

I return to the paved surface at N18.91136 E100.93191

Home cured ham, eggs, chips and beans at Tony’s Place for 195 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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