Feb 252013

The route 1080, 4007, 1082

Total distance 181 km

A shot of the 1082, a lovely scenic bendy ridgeline road

I have hardly seen any snakes this holiday but one was on the road today, I dont recall seeing this one before whatever it is

Dirt starts at N19.09200 E100.68019

Up to here this track was showing on the ESRI but then it was just riding blind to see where it went to

I encountered a few of these today

I can see the place where fruit and vegetables are grown ahead of me so hopefully this track will take me to there and then I will link up with one of my previous tracks

Made it, I now know where I am

Now to ride back a bit to try another track leading back towards the 1082

Only one water crossing today

This fun track takes me back to the 1082 and dirt finishes at N19.09916 E100.62974

I take another dirt track starting at N19.09773 E100.63502

Thats too steep to go down, gravity would ensure I reached the bottom but if it doesnt come out somewhere else getting back up would be a big problem

It was difficult enough turning the bike around as it was, now to ride back and home

Moo hunglay and rice for 70 Baht from the market

Get the gdb file here …

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