Mar 022013

The route 101, 1026, 4010

Total distance 277 km

A few shots from an enjoyable ride along the twisty 1026

Now on the 4010

Dirt starts at N18.15068 E100.49934

I ride through avillage at N18.12277 E100.49708

One of the rivers adding to the Sirikit Reservoir

This looks pretty much like the end of the line

I walk down onto the drying up bed of the reservoir

Whether the owners of the vehicles are working or fishing I have no idea as I see nobody at all

Now to ride back and explore another track to its finish

A very twisty new asphalt surface mostly for a while

Then it turns to dirt at the same spot as when I mapped it two years ago

A village along here at N18.10223 E100.44313

This girl tells me nothing to see further on and no people so it doesnt sound as though its going to be a through route

She took that while I rode through the river

I do four water crossings then at this bridge decide to call it a day

Now to ride back

Back in the village and a few shots of this old wooden house

Now to ride home,I hear some rolling thunder but think nothing of it

I stop at a shop in Na Muen and now its blowing a gale and the road is covered in debris back to Nan, despite this I manage to get back in the dry, something I didnt expect in Na Muen looking at the sky

Chicken and cashew nuts for 100 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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