Feb 182013

The route 1169, 2022, 4019

Total distance 99 km

I awoke this morning to the sound of rainwater dripping off the roof and was expecting a wet start but thankfully it was only very light and not enough to make the roads wet.
Rain is the last thing I want out here on these dusty dirt tracks.
I take the 1169 towards Santisuk then take a left to explore another new track which turns to dirt at N18.91830 E100.87575

Its looking good ahead

In a few years time no doubt this will be a paved surface

The haze is getting a bit bad now but no mass burning going on at the moment

I reach a village at N18.96777 E100.82449

The ESRI shows the track finishing here but I can see it going on across the river.
This would be an interesting crossing in the wet season

Over the other side and this track looks like its being prepared for surfacing

Further on its like this and I was wondering if it would go back to the main road or not, according to the ESRI it didnt

A dead end here at the river but a good lunch spot, then it was on back to try another turning

Theres loads of tracks here going off in all directions and they will keep me busy for the next day or so

I reach the paved surface of the 2022 at N18.92640 E100.79773 and ride through a village here

Another village at N18.90410 E100.79363

Looking upstream at the Nam Yao

Looking downstream its the Nam Yao/Nan river confluence

A very ricketty looking old wooden suspension bridge alongside the concrete one

I venture along it for a bit treading carefully in case the floor collapses

A short dirt section from N18.88010 E100.80110 to N18.86222 E100.81378

A double portion of chicken massaman and rice from the market for 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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