Apr 042009

The route 101, 1026, 1339, 1047, 1123, 1083, 1026, 101

Total distance 365 km

Out along the 101 to Wiang Sa then onto the 1026

The 1026 is a good twisty road to Na Noi

Just past Na Muen and its a left onto the 1339

Not too much greenery up along here now

A nice ride along the ridgeline again along here for a while

Theres a new section that wasnt here last time I rode just over a year ago

In fact it wasnt even being worked on then

Pak Nai, the fishermans village, today I cant get the ferry from the usual place and have to ride out of the village and back up the hill a little way then take a left onto a narrow road to go to a different ferry point

The dogs come out to greet me while I am waiting for the ferry Woman

We get part way across then the engine conks out

Seems that I am not the only one who runs out of petrol

I have crossed here loads of times and never shared a ferry yet, 100 Baht it cost me today which is what I think it cost last year

Under way on the other side and I wonder how the roadworks are progressing

The temperature is quite a lot warmer around here

I cant remember if this new surface was here last year or not

I stop at a village and this friendly dog wanders over

These carvings caught my eye and was what made me stop

A lot of burnt countryside along this road now

The roadworks that were taking place are now all finished and instead of it alternating between asphalt and unsurfaced a few times its a solid surface until near to Nam Pat, then its a six km unsurfaced section

The asphalt finishes and its a six km unsurfaced section but I noticed that this has been widened and hopefully next time I ride it will be an asphalt surface right through

I ride through Nam Pat and take a left onto the 1047

It cools right down and rain is in the air, at Fak Tha the road is soaked for a short while then its a dry road again for a while

All of a sudden it starts pissing down

I ride in the rain for about forty km and at times it was difficult to see where I was going as it was that heavy, no more pictures as I dont want the camera getting wet again. I take a left onto the 1123 for a few km then its a left onto the lovely 1083 and after about 15 km along here it stops raining and the roads are dry but its quite cold now. At the 1083s end its a right onto the 1026 and along here its wet roads again for a while but in Nan it was bone dry and very hot. My Landlady said it was 35C in Nan today, lucky her, where I was it felt more like 15C

I try another buffet tonight, this time the one near the bus station

All you can eat for 99 Baht

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  1. I rode this way also a couple of weeks ago, and this ferry is amazing, however I paid 200 bath, and shared with a pickup truck, so it was fairly busy. It was one of the highlights of my trip. I see you also rode a phantom there, so did I quiet nice, but it always quit in the rain (wet ignition).

    loved it , Koen

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