Apr 072009

The route 1168, 1243, 4020, 1026, 1162, 1243, 1168

Total distance 243 km

R1168 NAN – MAE CHARIM / R1243 MAE CHARIM – R4020 WIANG SA – R1026 – R1162 NA MUAP–R1243


Looking down river from the north end of town and they are busy dredging

Getting ready for Songkran I presume

I took the 1168 to Mae Charim and later on I took the right fork onto the 1243, along here there were some fires going

ROUTE 1243

I stopped here talking to the couple who were slashing and burning and then a gust of wind formed a nice whirlwind that was quite catching to the eye

These photos dont do justice to how good it looked in real life, first the flames were swirling around then the smoke and ashes had their turn too

This whirlwind of smoke seemed to go on for a long time

A bit further along and another one is burning

I take a right signposted to Wiang Sa and after a couple of km its signposted as the 4020

ROUTE 4020

This roads okay but not the most exciting one in Nan Province


The Wa river runs alongside for a way

I ride till I reach the 1026 and do a left then a few km later its a left onto the 1162

ROUTE 1162

The 1162 doesnt take long to get in its swing, a very fine road from end to end

Its just bend after bend on a brilliant surface that twists through the hills

No fires along here as its already been burnt

Near the end of this lovely road now and as it joins the 1243 I take a left onto the 1243

ROUTE 1243

Going around a corner there are two small kids who are going to throw water at me, I shake my head and make a negative gesture with my hand, they put down their bowls and look a bit down cast. I have my camera in front of me and didnt want it getting wet, I stop remove my camera then ride back, this seems to worry the kids and they run back to the rest of the family. I motion for them to come back and they do with an older girl then they proceed to each tip a bowl of cold water over me, they are all happy they have got a Farang, I have been Songkranned already and I didnt think that it started until next week

I ride off along the 1243 soaking wet and its quite cold again, whats wrong with the weather it should be baking hot or so I am told by now

I always enjoy the 1243

In november 2007 I saw what I thought was a new road being built and wondered where it was going, last week when I rode past I saw that its a dam being built and the road was only to get to it

As is normal practise all the materials are being quarried out and cement is the only concrete ingredient being brought in, apart from the steel obviously

Apparently this is a hydropower project and not only for irrigation purposes, as its going to have the Wa river flowing into it it will always be full to capacity

If thats the maximum water height the reservoirs not going to cover a very large area, perhaps theres sluice gates to go on yet to bring the water level up higher

I dont think they will be ready to start filling up with water this rainy season

Certainly a lot of steel going in that section

I guess that this is the hydropower section

I shall inspect how it progresses during my next trip

I ride a bit further along the 1243 then take a dirt track for a few km down to the river


I have been down to the river here on quite a few occasions as its a nice peaceful relaxing spot but never before have I ever seen anybody

Not much later and another lot of rafters came along

Back on the 1243 and riding home, today was my last trip here for now and hopefully it will be an early start tomorrow to Chiang Khan

Another 99 Baht buffet outside the Nara supermarket tonight

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