Apr 032009

The route 101, 3003, 1026, 1216, unknown, 3042, 1216, 101

Total distance 278 km

Walking home at 1.30am this morning I nearly stepped on these two in the darkness

Then they hopped it

I was surprised at how fast they moved

This was extracted from my back tyre this morning, it went in straight so must have been nearly touching the rim. This was another one that I spotted out in the middle of nowhere although goodness knows how long it was in the tyre as I was losing no pressure, whatever bike I buy next will be a tubeless tyre bike as having inner tubes is a real pain in the event of punctures

Finally away on the 101 and about 20 km past Wiang Sa I take a left onto the 3003

This is a nice twisty road that meets the 1026 just north of Na Noi

A very pleasant road thats usually pretty well devoid of traffic

When I reach the 1026 I do a right onto it and ride into Na Noi, here I do a right onto the 1216, although its not numbered as anything for a few km

At a village the road splits into two, I take the left which is an unnumbered road, I ride for about 1 km then take a left onto the 3042

This is a nice twisty one that I found about three years ago and today is only my second time riding along it

At times it turns into a narrower concrete road and eventually it meets the 1026 south of Na Noi, I ride to here then turn around and ride back

At times it spits with rain but thankfully stays dry

I get back to the unnumbered road, turn left and ride to the village at the roads end

Great scenery out along here

I ride back to the 1216 and turn left onto it

I have never noticed the opportunity to get this picture of the 1216 before

I have ridden this road many times and never tire of it, the surface is a bit iffy in places and I had the bike sliding on loose gravel a few times as well

This is another road that doesnt get too many trip reports about it, a shame as its well worth riding

A fair bit of ridgeline riding along here today

I reach the 101, turn right and ride home

Its another lasagna tonight as I have run out of different things to eat now

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