Feb 212008

The route, 101, 1026, 1083, a dirt track, 1243, 1168

I headed out of Nan about 9.30 this morning after getting the new battery fitted, todays trip was to find the road that connects the 1083 with the 1243. I took the 101 to Wiang Sa then the 1026 to Na Noi then the 1083 past Si Nan National Park, these are all good roads and I did a trip report on them in november.
I come to the bridge that crosses the river and after riding across I keep a look out for the road to my left, its at km 33 and here I turn left

Heres the start of it

Its actually a very pleasant easy going road to start with that any bike could do (well almost any bike, I wouldnt fancy it on a full dress tourer)

Reasonable scenery too

If only it was tarmac it would be even better

I arrive at a village and after riding through the road is just dirt, but not too bad, the road splits here with the main bit turning sharp left but I go straight ahead as this is north, the direction I need to be travelling in and it is the correct way

The road surface might have deteriorated but the scenery has well improved

Great I can see tarmac in the distance, I am obviously getting near to the 1243

I have still got a k or 2 to ride on dirt before tarmac

Heres where it comes out on the 1243 after only 16 km of off roading

Right next to this barrier, about 200 metres south of Ban Sali

I ride through Ban Sali and notice it is at km 58

I do a u turn and ride south as its not far from here that the 1243 has a long unmade section and I want to see if any roadworks have been done since I last rode it two years ago

3 km later its the end of tarmac at this corner, so its time to do another u turn and head north

This is what the 1243 becomes for quite a few kms if I carry on and I have already rode the unmade section three times already so dont need to do it again

Time to go climbing for the aerial photos

The 1243 looks better than it really is, there is just too much loose gravel on the surface which is a shame as its got the curves plus the hill to be a really enjoyable ride, also the surface is not really smooth this far out of Mae Charim, it really improves a bit further on though and is a smooth good surfaced road

Theres absolutely loads of these good corners on it

I decide to go offroad again to ride down to the Wa river

Its noticeably lower than it was in november

I think I could easily walk across it here now

Well it was great being out on the road again after my one days enforced holiday, I return to the main road then continue to Mae Charim where I take the 1168 back to Nan

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