Feb 242013

The route 1080, 4007

Total distance 139 km

Riding along the 4007

Dirt starts at N19.08168 E100.77371

Todays track is looking a lot more promising and I am hopimg it will link up with the 1082, according to the ESRI it doesnt but time will tell

Mainly dry tracks today apart from the odd still wet bit here and there

As I ride on and getting near to where the ESRI shows the track finishing the surface is now looking hardly used

The track goes a bit further then what the ESRI says then its a dead end, disappointing really as I was hoping this one would go through to link up with the 1082

Time to ride back and explore others

Rubber plantations galore out here with a few of these processing places as well

An unknown reservoir

I ride back to the 4007 and theres a short paved section from N19.08450 E100.77513 to N19.08781 E100.77563

Dirt finishes as I reach the 4007 at N19.10789 E100.77909

Lasagne, onions and garlic bread for 160 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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