Feb 262013

The route 1080, 4007, 1082, 1336

Total distance 180 km

Dirt starts at N19.09200 E100.68019

Still wet and slippery in the shade unfortunately

Turnaround time here as thats steep with no tyre tracks on it

Hoof prints use it but thats all

The only person I see on todays offroad excursion

I try another side track but its steep downhill single track and I soon get bored with it

Through the trees I can see a track in the distance but how to reach it is the question, I ride back to the 1082

I start another dirt track at N19.09009 E100.68680

Some single track

Then it opens out to a wider track again

Back to single track in the woods and here I call it a day

Another bike is parked here but I see no one.
A rather disappointing day from my perspective but thats the way it sometimes is

Pork en croute or pork wellington for food tonight at Tony’s Place, Tony kindly gave me the recipe.
Its pork fillet coated with black pepper, rock salt and garlic then wrapped in bacon and put inside short crust pastry.
I had roast potatoes and cauliflower and gravy.
The gravy was a mix of onions, mushrooms, rosemary, whisky, fresh cream and gravy granules.
Really delicious, very filling and great value at 180 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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