Feb 252008

The route 1168, 1259, 1243, 1162, 101

I took the 1168 out of Nan to just past Mae Charim then where the road forks I took the left which is still the 1168, about 15 km along here I turn right onto the 1259 which goes to Ban Rom Klao, after about 0.5 km I ignore the left for Ban Rom Klao and keep going straight on to Ban Nam Pu

The 1168 is a very fine road with good corners and its in very good condition

At Ban Nam Pu I see that the bridge has been replaced although I wonder if they just take it down each rainy season and put it back when the river subsides rather than see it get washed away every year

Heres the same picture from november, no bridge

The Wa has a fast current alright

Its time to head back towards Mae Charim, this little road is a pleasant enough affair out here

I ride back and take the left onto the 1243 and stay on it until Ban Nam Nuap where I turn right onto the 1162

What a fine road this is too, I have only ever ridden this road once before and its high time I did it again

I didnt see any traffic on it today and its a great fun road, good quality tarmac and lots of corners

I really must ride this more often, the reason I dont is because the 1243 and the 1168 are also good roads and I always seem to go that way to and from Nan

Does anybody know what this is? last year there was a Thai couple filling the clay pots with water and these little shoots were coming up, now they are all this high and there are quite a few of them dotted around here.

After reaching Wiang Sa it was the 101 back to Nan, todays trip was a lot shorter than usual, mainly because I overslept

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  1. hello there,
    very impressive site…i travel by bicycle,have ridden a bit in the neighborhhod around nan,and your description of the roads is very helpful.
    returning in a cple mos and any info on guesthouses or resorts in the towns between nan and na haeo would be greatly appreciated.ban khok? mae cha rim? nam muap? sali? na nam? fak tha? bo muang noi? nam pat? others?
    thank you,and happy trails.

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