Mar 292009

The route 1168, 1243, 1123, 1083, 1026, 101

Total distance 294 km

It was the 1168 to just past Mae Charim then a right onto the 1243

The 1243 was rode from one end to the other today including the off road section

I am glad I didnt run into that whilst not looking where I was going

The 1243 is in a worse state than when I have rode it before, theres a lot of loose gravel all over the place, its a shame as its one twisty road all along

The surface is very bumpy in places and definitely not a racetrack

After the 62 km marker I come to the unmade section and its like this for 15.6 km

To start with its not bad going

Its funny seeing a sign for a bend

Notice the km marker along this section as well, in fact everything is here apart from the asphalt surface

The surface becomes looser and its harder going on a cruiser

Its a rough surface now and I cant really think of a reason to ride this section again unless I am on a dual purpose bike

After 15.6 km its back to asphalt and a good wide road

Thats to come

I reach a T junction and turn right onto the 1123

After a few km its a right onto the 1083 and its totally surfaced now for the first time that I have ridden it

Riding through the Si Nan National Park road is always great, partly because you seldom ever see another vehicle

Not much of a view here today

At Na Noi I take a right onto the 1026 which is another great bendy road, at Wiang Sa I take the 101 to Nan

Spaghetti Bolognese and garlic bread at Da Darios tonight 150 Baht

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