Mar 152013

The route 1169, 1081

Total distance 173 km

Todays dirt was
N18.92500 E100.90729 to N18.92793 E100.89752
N18.98431 E100.93261 to N18.98431 E100.93261
N19.03611 E100.93594 to N19.03611 E100.93594
N19.03645 E100.93530 to N19.03645 E100.93530
N19.00937 E100.93094 to N19.07291 E100.86579

This track goes to the old disused section of the 1169

Before joining the brand new surface

Another loose end I wanted to tie up today was this second track of the morning

I decided to walk the river first

Lots of large rocks, some deep water plus that slimy green stuff made for a slippery crossing even on foot, I didnt try riding the bike across

Track number three

This was one of those tracks that you do once and cant think of a reason to ever want to ride it again

I was surprised to see this mud and water here

There appeared to be a track on the other side of the river but I could see no reason to continue as it was obviously just a farm access track

Just before reaching the 1081 I take a right and ride to the Tat Luang Waterfall

Quite a few large fish in here, the waterfall is a 200 metre walk and I decide to leave it for a future visit when there should be more water flowing down it

The last new track of the day and I was hoping to link up with where I left off three days ago out here

It sure is getting dusty now

I could have done without that and I give the dust time to settle before following him

No track is showing on the GPS now and I just explore

I join a track that is well used so there must be an exit other than the way I came in

This was a dead end

The track veers to the north and will join the 1170 at this rate

It joins a unknown road close to the 1170 and far from tying up loose ends today this discovery has opened up a can of worms as there are tracks going off everywhere.
Plenty of exploring to do on my next visit to Nan.
Todays was the 30th trip report from Nan this visit and 29 of those trips recorded new tracks for the map.
I am returning to Chiang Mai tomorrow

A chicken cordon bleu with saute potatoes and raw onions at Tony’s Place, I was treated again tonight, thanks Phil

Get the gdb file here …

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