Dec 152010

The route 101, 4035, 103, 1154, 1120, 1091

Total distance 347 km

Out on the 101 between Wiang Sa and Rong Kwang I take a right at N18.25.173 E100.28.645 and ride 4.5 km to the Huai Rong Waterfall at N18.26.529 E100.27.008

I leave the waterfall and turn right onto the 4035 to explore northwards on a couple of small roads showing on the gps

The 4035 is beginning to look promising

Its a brilliant surface and great scenery too, according to my gps this road does not exist out this far, but I know better

This road is the find of the day

I reach a village, probably Ban Bo Hoi according to my Thinknet map and I mark it at the end of the asphalt road as N18.30.228 E100.24.417

A concrete road takes the place of the asphalt and I ride on up into the hills

The concrete road finishes at N18.30.621 E100.24.333

I ride a further 1.5km on a dirt track stopping at this place at N18.30.999 E100.24.157

The dirt track carries on into the hills but its a long way to an asphalt road that way, plus I need to leave some exploring for next years trip here

Back in the village and it looks like small rubber bands are the kids toys here

I ride back as far as N18.26.834 E100.26.794 then take a right onto a concrete road

Another pleasant ride through the hills

I reach a village

At the far end of the village the road finishes at N18.28.657 E100.23.969

Plenty of wildlife walking around in this village

Time to ride back, I get back along this road to N18.28.294 E100.24.916 then take a left onto another concrete road

This one finishes at N18.28.919 E100.24.344

A bit of free range pork there

I ride back to the 4035 turning right onto it

Some good twists along here to go with the great scenery, these are all new roads for me and good finds too.
I reach the 101 at N18.22.967 E100.25.855 and turn right onto it then after about 20 km I turn right onto the 103 then take another right onto the 1154

At N18.30.157 E100.11.985 I take a right to ride to the Nam Mae Song Reservoir, at the overflow its N18.29.961 E100.13.928 after a 4.9 km ride

Nowhere near to capacity here, about 10 metres below I reckon

I ride back to the 1154 turning right and riding towards Ngao alongside the Ngao river which is seen here bubbling along

Times getting on and I have no reason to ride to Ngao so I turn around here at N18.37.076 E100.08.241

This picture is a bit blurred but it shows some twists along the 1154 of which there are loads

The Yom river

I reach the junction with the 1120 turning left onto it and enjoying this very pleasant curving road towards Chiang Muan

Just before Chiang Muan I reach the 1091 turning right to ride back to Nan

Roast pork knuckle, roast potatoes and gravy tonight for 240 Baht at Tonys Place, another one of his specials and a very filling meal

Once again I couldnt finish my meal, I just couldnt manage these bones, luckily Tonys dog helped me out there.
Get the gdb file here …

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