Mar 302009

The route 1169, 1081, 1080

Total distance 335 km

It was out of town on the 1169, another good road

Before Santi Suk theres road widening going on but only for 1.8 km then its back to the old surface

I reach a T junction and both ways its the 1081, I take the right

Riding along the ridgeline on this brilliant road

Theres the odd fire here and there but nothing too serious

A fair bit of smoke here though

This has got to be one of the best roads in Nan province

I get to where the roadworks have progressed to, its at the junction with the 1275

I have to wait about ten minutes for them to clear a path for me

After 2.3 km its back to the brilliant new surface

Its a great surface like this now for a fair few km

Its time to stop for a break and this is ideal to get some shade

This nice section still to come

The other side of Bo Klua and the road is a lot narrower now

At a small village along the way its sports time

I stop to take a photo and I hear the word Farang come over the loudspeakers, I look to the commentator and lift my hand in acknowledgement, this gets even more friendly commentary from him, ever so friendly they are out here

I notice a road going off into the hills to the east so I go to investigate

Theres a couple of concrete roads that go off from the main road and these lead to these places growing fruit and vegetables that the King supports

I ride the asphalt road until it turns to dirt, I go a short way on the dirt to the top of the hill but theres no reason to go any further so its time to return to the 1081

But its great right up here in the hills, today was the first time that I noticed this side road but its certainly not a new road and its badly potholed in places

Back on the 1081, a much better quality road although this is a bit shitty in places along this stretch

I notice my number plate is split about halfway across just under the screws

I dont want it to snap in half and lose it so I unscrew it and stick it in my panniers for safe keeping, I come to a Police checkpoint later on but just get waved through, whats the outcome if the number plate is in my panniers for a legitimate reason?

Its cooled right down and feels like rain, I can hear distant thunder and feel a few spots of rain but thats all thankfully as I am 160 km from home

I ride to the border crossing and I am told that I can get a visa to enter Laos here and as long as I have the green book I can ride into Laos from here too

Times getting on and I start to ride home, its now the 1080

The 1080 is a great road up around the border crossing for a fair way, I notice its also AH 13 now

I get back to Nan and as Da Darios is closed today(the 15th and 30th of every month she is closed) I eat elsewhere, I went to get a pizza at another restaurant that does them but these are bought premade ones and they didnt have what I wanted. When I was shopping at Tesco Lotus the other day I noticed spicy Mexican chicken at KFC and as I love Mexican food and this is the closest that I will get to it in Nan I try it. I tell you what its spicy alright, 133 Baht for this lot

Todays ride was great as usual, heres one for you Davidfl, tomorrow I hope to ride the 1333, any idea where that one is? Clue, I have ridden, photographed and reported on it before and it comes off the 1081

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