Jan 142010

The route 1080, 1081, 1169

Total distance 308 km

I took the 1080 out of Nan and its very busy at 9am this morning, about ten km north of Tha Wang Pha I take a left onto the old 1080 where they are not doing any roadworks and theres virtually no traffic at all. This joins the new 1080 north of Chiang Klang

Getting into the hills north of Thung Chang and finally the journey is starting to get interesting but its very cold today with no sun at all. The pullover and tracksuit bottoms are soon put on and help but I cant stop thinking about the waterproof liners that are in my guest house in Nan, they would have made it even more comfortable. Oh well at least it isnt raining

Up on the ridge line now and as stunning as ever

I ride up to the border crossing at Huai Kon and find out some info for my Landlady about Visas on arrival, I am told that I can take my bike in here as long as I show them the green book and that I can get a Visa upon arrival at the Laos side

The road from the 1080 to the border is in an atrocious state

I ride back to the road which has now become the 1081 and ride on southwards towards Bo Kluea

Its a shame that this road isnt resurfaced right along as it would make an awesome racetrack unlike the gravel strewn potholed dodgy surfaced road that exists at the moment

Theres places where it really shines but you never know when the loose gravel will strike

Its looking even more like rain but thankfully it doesnt

These temporarily block the road but soon move over

These two are happy to pose for their photo

South of Bo Kluea and on the new awesome surface

Now why cant the 1081 be like this from start to finish?

Typically the sun comes out just when I dont need it and its right in my face riding back

On the older section before reaching the 1169, I take a left onto the 1169 and ride back to Nan

Another lasagna and garlic bread tonight at Da Darios, I second the recent comments about the garlic bread being great at Da Darios. Its closed for the day tomorrow so all you hungry people arriving for the bike event will have to eat elsewhere, I will be trying out the Nan Steakhouse myself

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  1. Hi Bob

    I use Thinknet maps myself and find them quite useful but I am in the UK at the moment and dont have them with me to check, as for a website try http://www.gt-rider.com

  2. Can you recommend a map, book, website (English or Thai) which provides distances and route numbers  between the 111 districts (amphoe) in Northern Thailand? 

    Thank you!

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