Feb 272013

The route 1080, 4007, 1082, 1148, 4011

Total distance 195 km

Breakfast at the noodle shop for 30 Baht then it was time to ride off

Now on a dirt track off the 1082 that I was half expecting to see paved by now

When I rode this a year ago it looked like it was ready to be sealed but now weeds are starting to grow through it

I take the 4011 and take a paved turning off of it

Lots of these flags all along this road

A village in the distance

The village is at N1925670 E100.64977

Dirt starts at N19.26060 E100.63112

I was hoping/expecting to find some villages along here but only these storeage huts

Definitely a dead end

These tell me theres a waterfall further along

I cant be bothered looking for waterfalls now as it will only be dry rocks or a tiny amount of water at best

I ride back to the village and theres a lot of soldiers about today

Out the other side of the village is this relaxing spot

Two fingers like that is the UKs equivalent of giving me the middle finger out here, something I always find amusing

Chicken massaman and two portions of rice for 110 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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