Mar 142013

The route 1080, 1291, 4017

Total distance 271 km

Along the 1291 and smoke is coming from that forest

A well surfaced road with lots of twisty bits

At Manee Pruek the dirt starts

I am having another attempt to try to find a way across to the 1081 and try out another turning

Ginger which seems to be a very popular crop up here, when Alex and I rode in this area the other week we found lots of sackfuls of it

The guy tells me this is a no through road but I check it out anyway

That was full of ginger

The track turns to single and I turn around here

On the way back I try out another turning

The end of this track

I ride back to Manee Pruek then take a dirt track, dirt starts at N19.41217 E101.07259

This is my first time along this track and I must check this out

These were there to greet me, the one on the right holding the pamphlet spoke reasonable English but it was a very rare sentence that didnt include his imaginary friends name in it (religion)

Its at N19.40206 E101.06935

The photos had to be taken from the archway as no entrance is allowed

They wanted to give me this after explaining about its religious content, I thanked them and declined after telling them of my atheist views.
I said goodbye to them and rode on, no doubt their imaginary friend was asked to look after me

A track runs down to the vegetable gardens

Time to ride back

Dirt finished at N19.41650 E101.04881 as I reach the 4017.
I didnt find the track I was looking for and its probably a figment of Google Earths imagination but it was a good day and new stuff was discovered

Chicken coq ua vin and rice at Tony’s Place for 210 Baht, truly delicious and very filling indeed, this needed some serious putting away

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. Yes Tony, your food has sure been looking good.
    Dang, ginger is soo crazy expensive here, so near the Arctic (we like a little in some of our curries)
    And glad your air quality looks good, pictures from Chiang Mai this week show terribly bad smog.

  2. Glad you enjoyed Slssh mate

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