Feb 232013

The route 1080, 4007

Total distance 144 km

I ride out of town on the 1080 and its a busy morning traffic wise and most of it was going the same way as me, it was a relief to turn off onto the quieter 4007

Its looking more like rain now but thankfully it doesnt

Dirt starts at N19.05095 E100.74060

The track is getting a bit narrow now

Thats enough of this track, the surface is greasy and single track like this doesnt interest me so its turnaround time

The next foray onto dirt starts at N19.05231 E100.75348

Out in the open the tracks are drying out but under the trees it will take a lot longer

Another dead end and a turnaround

Dirt starts again at N19.05175 E100.75606

Some of todays tracks were showing on the ESRI but others werent, I ride to the 4007 returning to the paved surface at N19.05957 E100.77057

Then its back onto this track to see where it goes

This dog has certainly found something interesting in that hole

I wonder if she ever found her target

Its a good view from up here and possibly a bit clearer too but I would still rather it had not rained yesterday.
At least the temperature has got back up and its a lovely hot day here

Another dead end, its back to the 4007 and most of todays tracks are dirt right to the 4007.
N19.06580 E100.77621 to the 4007 was paved as was N19.06684 E100.77575 to the 4007

Another tree that was helped over by having a fire lit in its base

This is my favourite type of track, out in the open, dry and a good surface

A shot from back along the 4007 then its back to Nan

Two chapatis and a vegetable biriyani on the house at Tony’s Place

This together with a chicken Madras and a portion of rice was a very filling meal and only 110 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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