Mar 092013

The route 1168, 1225

Total distance 155 km

A little more rain in town last night and its a bit fresher this morning

The Huai Haet Reservoir was fuller then I expeted it to be

Todays dirt was
N18.76286 E101.01192 to N18.76286 E101.01192
N18.78092 E101.01454 to N18.78092 E101.01454
N18.78858 E101.01405 to N18.78858 E101.01405
N18.79958 E101.02708 to N18.80521 E101.03336
N18.82624 E101.02435 to N18.82624 E101.02435

He tells me its a dead end ahead and sadly he was right

My first bamboo forest of the day but I think I encountered one on virtally every different off road track

A cashew nut tree

A knife easily slices through this soft shell and also the soft nut too

More bamboo, another dead end and time to ride back

The start of the second dirt track

I was hoping the third dirt track would form a link up with another one to the north of it but no luck

After a ride to here it was time for lunch then the ride back

While I am eating the owner turns up and offers me some freshly collected rainwater off the roof to drink, I quickly decline showing her my water bottle in my panniers

Just down from her home I pass her workmates

A quick visit to the Huai Prung Reservoir

Then it was a ride into Ban Ko

A Thai girl with a different hair style, what is the world coming to?

Wat Ko at N18.79591 E101.02985

I walk around inside and photo some of these paintings

Those open doors and windows are a nuisance but with the flash off at least the photos show

These last few depict that they didnt mess around back in those days, punishments were harsh

The fourth new dirt track and some of todays stuff wasnt showing on the ESRI

That building in the middle of the photo was where I stopped for lunch

Its double the distance to the house that I need to go through here to link up with a track showing on the ESRI and it just aint gonna happen

On the ride back I take a turn off, it leads me to two dead ends then the third one works out

And it brings me back to the 1225

At the start of the last new track is this sign so at least there should be something up there

I guess this is what that sign said

Now to ride home

A chicken chasseur and a double portion of rice for 180 Baht at Tony’s Place

Get the gdb file here …

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