Mar 112013

The route 1169, 1081

Total distance 199 km

Just before reaching Santisuk I ride a short dirt track from N18.92500 E100.90729 to N18.93293 E100.92062

Riding along the 1081 and this lot are busy

With that fine net they should ensure that nothing escapes to breed another day

I take a turning to my right and dirt starts at N19.11262 E100.95058

At the top of a steep climb I stop for a break, I hear the fan is on then after a couple of minutes with the engine turned off I get the coolant coming out the breather pipe again but this time a lot faster

That isnt dripping but a steady flow, I start the engine and rev it and this seems to stop it, I will check first thing in the morning to see if it needs topping up again

I am well up high today

The track splits and I take the right which after a while goes downhill steeply on a loose surface and finishes here, accoeding to the ESRI it went on a bit further and I have come off the track

I ride back a bit and see this is where I should have gone, it was steep and loose riding down with not many places to turn around and that was on double track, sod going down there if its going to be the same

I reach a village at N19.13220 E100.99554 and the road was concreted from N19.12440 E100.98637 to N19.13515 E100.99839

Not much sign of life here

I reach another village at N19.14607 E101.01698

Theres another village but its on a different track with no way to cross over

I didnt expect to see this up here

Its getting overgrown now and according to my GPS the track finishes in another 135 metres

The track finishes here

Completely deserted

No track to follow now so no loop today

I start to ride back checking out another fork to see if I can find a way across to the other village

I cant reach there either, its probably accessible from the other village though

The end of the line and now to ride back to the 1081

I take a dirt track at N19.08970 E100.92060 and ride past these chilli pickers but its a dead end so I ride back

Dirt starts again from
N19.07185 E100.90098 to N19.07853 E100.91628
N19.07853 E100.91628 to N19.06200 E100.92690
N19.06200 E100.92690 to N19.06200 E100.92690

I hoped this track was going to link up with something

But it was a dead end here

Another dead end and now its time to ride home

This dog was as docile as anything until I got the camera out then it went into one

Moo hunglay and rice from the market for 70 Baht

Get the gdb file here …

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  1. There was no bridge there Peter so I guess it must have been

  2. Where you turned around past the chilli pickers @ N19.08821 E100.92076 both Google Maps and Bing maps clearly show a bridge over the river. Has it been washed away?

  3. There was plenty of fat in there Tony

  4. looks like load a fat

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