Mar 082013

The route 1169, 1225, 3197, 1168

Total distance 170 km

Todays first dirt track starts at N18.92500 E100.90729 and just a short one close to Santisuk

Just over the bridge and the paved surface starts at N18.93293 E100.92062

At N18.89107 E100.95995 I take a dirt track that I found yesterday to explore it a bit more

I didnt spend too long here looking for other exits and didnt find any and exit out the way I came in

If they asphalt this it will be a lovely twisty track

Now on the twisty 3197

At the end of the village its dirt from N18.89460 E101.02306 until N18.89333 E101.02241

Back in the village and a rather shy mum with her baby

Dirt starts again at N18.89316 E101.02154

Ridgeline riding and good views from up here

The tracks deteriorate to farm tracks and I return to the paved surface at the same place I left it

Another shot of the 3197

A short dead end dirt track starts at N18.86689 E101.00591

Time to ride back and onto another track

Dirt starts at N18.85183 E101.01567

Thats far enough for me and time to explore tracks off the one I am on

Another dead end, this one is annoying as I am only 128 metres from looping up

The problem being getting the 128 metres down there to join that track

More tracks being prepared for me, how nice of them

This track did loop round to where I was earlier on before reaching the paved surface at N18.84308 E101.02606

I ride to the Nam Muap Reservoir and the surface turns to dirt at N18.84958 E101.03370

I ride on along the reservoir which is quite low now

Lets see how far this track goes to, its not showing on the GPS now

After a while its time for a ride in the woods

I call it a day for this track at this point and turn back

My final dirt track starts at N18.83356 E101.02425 in an attempt to link up with where I left off yesterday where I was given the cold water to drink

They pointed to this narrow single track yesterday afternoon anfd said I could get to Mae Charim this way but at 4 pm I decided not to pursue it.
Now I am on my way along it to link up with yesterdays track, the narrow bit was only for about 50 metres anyway

Made it, the link up has been completed

Now to ride back

The workers I met yesterday have now moved down to another location and I guess they didnt expect to see me here again today

Its gone 4 pm now and they are starting to go home

Time for me to go home now after a fun days exploratory ride

Pork en croute/wellington, saute potatoes, brocolli and gravy for 240 Baht at Tony’s Place.
This is a special and not on the menu so anyone wanting one order it with Tony the day before

Get the gdb file here …

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