Feb 282008

The route 101, 1026, 1083, 1123, 1241, 1268, 2195, 4014, 2154, 201
Total distance 375 km

I left Nan on the 101 to Wiang Sa then took the 1026 to Na Noi then the 1083

Not far along the 1083 I caught up with these two

I stopped, took off my gloves then rode to catch them up for these photos, they were going too fast for me to get a good one of them with me stationery

It always makes me laugh seeing something like this, it just doesnt happen back home

A really great road the 1083, and one that I have ridden three times in the last ten days

When I last rode here two or three days ago I reported that the last 1.5 km section should be asphalted before long, well since then it looks like it has been started already, this black stuff wasnt there then

At the end of the 1083 its a left onto the 1123 for about 0.5 km then a right onto the 1241 and about 15 km later a left onto the 1268

The road improvements on the 1268 have all been finished and its a good surface all the way, quite an enjoyable road in fact

Good scenery along this road as well

The 1268 finishes just before Na Haeo and I turn left at the junction onto the 2195

The 2195 is being widened towards the start and when this is finished it will be a much better road as its been widened and decently resurfaced further on in recent years

Another fine road the 2195

After Ban Pak Man there was a section with a fair few potholes but I am pleased to report that these have all been taken care of, and they have not been filled in with dirt either

I ride alongside the Heung and I have never seen it this colour before, its like this for the entire length.

I come to the crossroads where the 2195 goes straight ahead and also goes right, I take the right then just before they meet again I turn right onto the 4014 for about 1.5 km then its a left onto the 2154 which takes me to the 201. The potholes along the 2154 have also been filled in so it has been a good ride on well surfaced roads all the way today, at the junction with the 201 its a left and 5 km later I am in Chiang Khan. I left Nan at 9 am and it is now 3 pm, not bad going, 375 km on these back roads

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