Feb 232008

The route 1169, 1081, 1256, 4016/1081

I left Nan on the 1169 to Santi Suk, then about 10 km later I cam to the junction with the 1081 and took the right to Bo Kluea.

At the km 46 marker I come to this bridge and this is where the road improvements have progressed to

Theres 3 km of new road that should be asphalted before too long as a fair bit of it is awaiting the tarmac coating, the new section has been widened where it was quite a crap surface before and hopefully this brilliant piece of road will finally be finished someday

Now onto the awesome section

This has to be one of the best roads in Thailand for sure

I stop at Bo Kluea for a snack and these two lovelies are quite chatty, they are also off for a ride somewhere, but I dont expect they quite enjoy the brilliant local roads like we do

I ride the 1256 of course, stopping at the top for a hazy picture, anyone out here on a bike who doesnt ride it should have their bike confiscated and be made to travel it in the back of a pick up truck four times a day for a week as punishment

Another awesome road, I ride it nearly to its finish then turn around and ride back, in november it was cold foggy and raining but today it was just perfect, breezy but just the right temperature

This is the second snake I meet today up high, unfortunately I didnt see this poor bugger in time and I ran over and killed it

I untangled it with a stick and its just over a metre long but so thin

Is this the harmless tree dwelling rat snake or a more sinister one?

More delicious 1256 curves

I get back to the 1081 and turn right then ride through Bo Kluea and about 8 km further on its a left onto the 4016/1081, I say this because this road has always been the 4016 for a few years now and was in november. Now there is a new km marker at the start saying 1081 and with a big 0 at the bottom

As far as Ban Sop Mang 14 km further on there are small km markers every 100 metres on the left and big km markers every 1km on the right, all proudly displaying 1081 on them, after here theres nothing to tell you the road number

There doesnt seem to be so much loose gravel out here today as there is usually

Its great from the air but care needs to be shown on this road

All roads should be like this but in perfect condition

4 km from the other end where it joins the 1275 this is fresh as it definitely wasnt here in november, there are quite a few red flags and yellow one as well along the road, perhaps another time I will climb those steps but they look too tiring today. When I get to the 1275 there is a sign with lots of Thai writing saying 4 km so this must be it

I turn right onto the 1275 then a few kms further its the 1081 and I turn left and ride back to Nan the way I came out, enjoying this brilliant road some more

I dont think its possible to ever tire of scenery and decent roads like we have up here in Nan, definitely the best in Thailand in my opinion

Another fabulously enjoyable ride again today, people often ask me why I keep going to Nan so often, any motorcyclist would automatically know the answer

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  1. You will enjoy returning along your suggested route, its a lot of ridgeline riding

  2. Thanks for this. I’m in Bo Kluea now having come up from Nan on 1081. Considering my return route. Maybe 1275?

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