Feb 222008

The route 1080, 1148, 1082, unknown, 1170, 1081, 1169

I headed out of Nan on the 1080 northwards as far as Tha Wang Pha then turned left onto the 1148 and after 2 km I turned left onto the 1082

Once you get a couple of kms along this road it soon turns into a good fun ride, its well surfaced with numerous bends and hills

The scenery is good as usual

Theres certainly plenty of steep hills on this road

38 km later its the end of tarmac at Ban Sop Khun, its a dirt road out of here from now on, my map shows it joining up with the 1172 and another off shoot joining the 1188, for me its time to turn around and explore a side road that I just passed

2 km back this looks fresh, certainly the km marker is and I explore, theres no road number and the road is a mixture of concrete and a hard surface, the concrete is mainly on the very steep sections for which I was thankful

It was a pleasant ride for 5 km through the hills

After 5 km I arrive here and go for a walk around, I hope theres no helicopter scheduled to land any time soon

Its really beautiful scenery up here and so peaceful too

They are growing lots of strawberries up here amongst other things

Part of my route up here

The smiling girl with the hat on spoke a little English, she said there are 20 of them working here

They have quite a few solar panels up here charging up their batteries

Time to head back to the 1082

Back on the 1082 and I manage to find a spot for a couple of aerial photos

See what I mean about it being a good fun road

It was a pleasure not to have to worry about loose gravel on this road

At the junction with the 1148 I realise its too late to carry on and explore another road that I havent ridden before, that will have to wait for another day. So I turn right and at Tha Wang Pha do another right onto the 1080 for a couple of km then its a left onto the 1170
The 1170 is a real let down considering its in Nan province and all the roads here are supposed to be good fun, its flat and really not interesting plus its villages all the way virtually non stop. The last few kms are better and this was the only photo I thought worth taking just before the junction with the 1081.

Once on the 1081 I opened up and enjoyed the ride without stopping for any more photos, I take a right onto the 1169 and head for Santi Suk and on to Nan really enjoying the flowing bends on this road. This is probably the road that I have ridden the most times around Nan and I never tire of its brilliance

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