Mar 222011

The route 1080, Unknown, 4021, 1091, 3030, 3036, 4062, 4013, 4019, 1169

Total distance 180 km

I rode north out of Nan along the 1080 for 21 km then took a left onto an unnumbered road for Ban Santiphap

Its my first ride along here and a pleasant ride it is too

Great scenery as always in Nan province

I stop in a village along the way

I am glad not to be crossing this bridge

Looking down at Ban Santiphap

Theres certainly some curves in this pleasant well surfaced road

The residents of Ban Santiphap seem to be a laid back relaxed lot

The paved surface finishes at N18.59.461 E100.39.343 after 18 fun km from the 1080

Now for a ride around the village

A canine love triangle

Now for the fun ride back to the 1080, I left a waypoint where the paved road finished and it appears to be 11.5 km from there to the Royal project just outside Sop Khun so next trip I will ride the offroad section and complete a loop

Now on the 4021 a short road that links the 1080 with the 1091 bypassing Nan

After a couple of km along the 1091 its a right onto the 3030 and another first ride here today

Someones got a fire going already

The 3030 runs for 15 km then turns to unpaved at N18.54.923 E100.39.505 at a village whose name I dont know. I leave a waypoint here and see that I can ride offroad to Ban Santiphap where I was earlier on today, more offroad tracks for next trip

Back at the 1091 I turn right and a few km later take a left onto the 3036 to explore some side roads

Along the 1169 and the Nan river

A field of sunflowers roadside

The big breakfast at Tonys Place for 150 Baht, this is the best value breakfast in town
Get the gdb file here …

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