Mar 282009

The route 1168, 1259, 1168

Total distance 246 km

It was the 1168 straight out of town

Never having been to Nan this late in the year before I was expecting it to be all fires but its not the case and its a very pleasant surprise to see some greenery, the air quality is good too

The 1168 is just a great road from Nan to Ban Nam Tuang where the surface ends

Its always a great feeling riding in Nan province, definitely the Norths top dog for riding. If the time ever comes when the thought of a long trip around Nan fails to excite me then its definitely time to give up riding bikes

The road narrows further on towards Ban Nam Tuang but its still good fun

I stop in Ban Nam Tuang and this little chap obviously wants a suntan

Time to ride back and enjoy this lovely road the other way

I take a left onto the 1259 and after 1 km I go on ahead to ride to Ban Nam Pu

A nice fire going on down there, I see a few fires today but nothing on a grand scale

How can anyone ever tire of riding amongst this

At Ban Nam Pu the bridge is intact at the moment

It looks like the river was a lot higher recently going by how wet the bank is, I guess the rain was heavy around here

I ride back and 1 km before the 1168 I take a right to ride to Ban Rom Klao

Now aint that just a lovely sight

I stop in Ban Rom Klao, this youngster was shy after getting some sweet drink from the market place

The local market, not much activity here otherwise

Time to ride back, theres a fair bit of loose gravel on this road and the bike slid a couple of times on it

Its certainly quite hot around here now, I am drinking six litres of cold water per day now and I need it too

I doubt if this sign says theres a new Tesco Lotus opening around these parts

Its back to the 1168 and back to Nan along it, an excellent ride today but then again being in Nan province it should be an excellent ride everyday

I call in at the Honda shop to get the oil changed then ride to the 7-11 about 100 metres away. When I come out there is oil under my bike, not black oil but fresh golden stuff so I go back to the Honda shop. I initially thought that they hadnt tightened the drain plug up properly but then realised that this was a ludicrous thought, the oil was leaking from the knackered nut head on the drain plug. It was taken out, my oil was saved and a new drain plug was put in, 50 baht for the plug but it wasnt leaking before todays mechanic butchered it. Lucky that I spotted it then as otherwise tomorrow morning I would have gone out to find the entire oil content on the ground and no shops open until monday. The nut is bigger on the new one and according to the bag it came in its a tappet adjuster valve cap for a CB100, but it appears to be doing the job okay

Da Darios again tonight for a pork steak and fries 160 Baht

Then a dairy queen but I thought for a change that I would show a young Thai lad enjoying one

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